Trusona has made one of its physical ID-focused authentication solutions even stronger.

Designed to replace one-time password tokens, the system is aimed at sensitive authentication applications, such as opening new accounts or performing wire transfers. End users register for the system by scanning a driver’s license or passport, and for each subsequent authentication session, they either enter a PIN or scan their fingerprint, and take another picture of the identity document to prove that it’s in their possession.

The system has now been upgraded with patent-pending “anti-replay” technology. Whenever an ID document is scanned for authentication, Trusona Executive looks at not only the ID information it contains, but also metadata concerning things like what time the picture was taken and the document’s position with respect to the camera. That kind of data should change for each session, so if the system ever detects the same data being re-used, it will issue an alert to the party relying on the authentication session.

Other upgrades to the technology include . . .

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