Top 5 bank slashes account opening fraud, saves over $70M per year

Trusona’s identity proofing service allowed them to deploy quickly and mitigate fraud with patented anti-replay technology while meeting KYC/AML requirements.

Why Trusona's ID proofing solution?

Easy to integrate web-friendly software

With Trusona’s Javascript SDK or REST APIs, embed identity-proofing capabilities directly in your mobile or web-based applications.

Data privacy

All information and data at rest and in motion is encrypted and any PII is purged immediately after verification.

Authenticity detection

Patented Anti-Replay Technology ensures the identification request is authentic and not a replay of any previous request.

Supported document types

U.S. driver’s license, U.S. driver's permit and U.S. ID card.

Identity proofing architecture

Details & Pricing

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  • Identity proofing with AAMVA

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    • ID Verification for your customers using AAMVA's Driver's License Data Verification (DLDV) service
      • Reduce synthetic ID fraud by verifying identity with a U.S. driver's license
      • Meet eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) compliance by verifying customers’ identity as part of the onboarding process
      • Meet AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance with screening and monitoring capabilities
    • ID proofing with government-issued IDs
      • Flexibility to offer both in-person and remote scanning
      • Support for U.S. driver's license, permit or ID card
      • Fast, accurate scan of machine-readable PDF 417 barcode
      • Flexibility to scan with app or mobile web browser (no app)
      • Validation of up to 17 fields on the driver's license (e.g., Name, Date of Birth, Issue Date)
    • Enterprise-grade security, plus patented Anti-Replay
      • Mitigate session replay attacks - with Trusona's patented Anti-Replay
      • Data encryption at rest and in transit for maximum data protection
      • No storage of PII for data privacy
    • Fast and simple integration
      • JSON/REST-based APIs for easy integration by developers
      • Code samples for fast error-free implementation
      • Test data and cURL scripts for testing to mitigate risk release
    • Support for wide range of use cases
      • New account opening
      • Minimum age requirements
      • Account lockout reset
      • High-value transactions
      • Credit approval
      • Step-up authentication