At a glance


Trusona's technical foundation


The fundamental problem with the Internet is that you don’t know who is on the other end. For this reason, Trusona identity proofs Internet users to become TruUsers.

Identity proofing is done one time. 

Then, on every use of Trusona, user's dynamic credentials and our patent pending anti-replay runs behind the scenes to ensure the user is who they say they are.


Let’s look at each level


One product platform, three levels of service



Authenticate consumers
Get rid of passwords
Our free gift to the world



The photo of the TruUser at this level above is more pixelated because the Trusona Confidence Score is low.

Identity is proven through email verification. 



Authenticate employees
Get rid of OTP tokens
No more password resets



The photo of the TruUser at this level above is slightly pixelated because the Trusona Confidence Score is medium.

Trusona Executive identities are proven through remote driver's license and/or passport scanning. 



Authenticate VIPs and privileged users
The only insured authentication
Protect your most sensitive assets



The photo of the TruUser is perfectly clear because with Trusona Elite you know with 100% certainty who the person is on the other end of a transaction. TruUsers at the Elite level have the highest Trusona Confidence Score.

Trusona Elite identities are proven through in-person identity proofing with multiple forms of identification, including ePassport and driver's license. 


Trusona Essential

registration and usage


Essential is our two factor authentication solution. It's our free gift to the world. 

The user registers an email address that will need to be verified.  They also create their own 6-digit PIN.

With every use they use their PIN or Touch ID.

Trusona’s TruAR anti-replay works in the background to ensure there is not a session replay attack.


Trusona Executive 



Trusona Executive is our three factor offering that replaces OTP tokens. 

Trusona Executive is designed for higher levels of security—new account openings, wire transfers and system admin logins.

One time during registration the user scans their driver’s license to be identity proofed.  

On every use, in addition to the PIN or Touch ID, the user now scans their driver’s license as the “something they have” factor.

This additional factor of authentication includes our patent pending TruScanAR anti-replay to ensure there is not a session replay attack.


Trusona Elite


registration and usage

Trusona Elite is our four factor offering and is the world’s first and only authentication solution backed by an A+ rated insurance carrier.  Each financial transaction protected by Trusona Elite is insured for $1M.

Trusona Elite is designed to protect the world’s most critical and sensitive assets such as high dollar wire transfers and transactions, SWIFT transfers, VIPs, system admin access to PII and critical infrastructure. 

With Trusona Elite, the user must be met in person—physically in person. This experience is operated by Trusona or by your team based on our Elite requirements to become a TruNotary. 

During this in-person meeting we verify the user’s identity and ePassport. 

We then bind the Trusona TruToken hardware to only work on this user’s devices. 

On every use of Trusona Elite, in addition to the PIN or Touch ID, the transaction is verified and approved by swiping a registered card through the TruToken. 

Trusona Elite includes the most sophisticated anti-replay technology—our patented TruTokenAR. Behind the technology is six years of actuarial data including 120M transactions and zero fraud.

Trusona Elite’s four-factors of authentication:

PIN or Touch ID
The User's Phone
A TruToken
A card magnetic signature