Optimized usability for employees

  • Passwordless 2FA authentication that is simple and reliable — nothing to remember or type and no more account lockouts.

Lowest TCO

  • Reduce help desk call volume and costs by drastically reducing user password reset problems altogether.

  • Save costs of issuing, managing and supporting hard tokens.

  • No training or enablement required to onboard users.

Enhanced security

  • Eliminates credential stuffing bot attacks.

  • Anti-replay technology thwarts static credential replay.

Rapid time-to-value

  • Onboarding users is entirely self-service.


Three core workflows

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Workflow: Onboarding

Workflow: desktop logins

Workflow: mobile logins

Workflow: onboarding details

Workflow: desktop login details

Workflow: mobile login details


Product line comparison

  Trusona Essential
Trusona Executive
Email verification Yes Yes
OS security app unlock Yes Yes
Second screen login (secure QR code) Yes Yes
Mobile web login (deep link) Yes Yes
SDKs (iOS, Android, servers) Yes Yes
Patent-pending Anti-Replay technology to thwart credential replay attacks Yes Yes
Elliptical-curve cryptography Yes Yes
Available, login without smart phone Yes Yes
Get Started Guides with communications templates for easy implementation Yes Yes
User experience and design templates for each implementation Yes Yes
Document data scan for auto-fill (driver's license, passports or employee ID cards)   Yes
Patent pending anti-replay image scan   Yes
Log in with your document for step-up authentication   Yes
Available, data bureau check to confirm identity   Yes
Data Trusona stores Email or email one-way hash Name and email or email one-way hash