At a glance



Trusona's technical foundation


The fundamental problem with the Internet is that you don’t know who is on the other end. For this reason, Trusona identity proofs Internet users to become TruUsers.

Identity proofing is done one time. 

Then, on every use of Trusona, user's dynamic credentials and our patent pending anti-replay runs behind the scenes to ensure the user is who they say they are.



Trusona Essential is our two factor authentication solution. By combining our patent-pending anti-replay technology, our 2-factor authentication solution exceeds any other 2FA solution available because malware and session replay attacks are rendered completely useless. 


Trusona Executive replaces both passwords and OTP tokens with a persons readily-available government issued ID (drivers license or passport). Trusona Executive can be used for account opening or when step-up authentication is needed.