81% of breaches are caused by static passwords. Avoid security headlines with 100% dynamic MFA security with patent pending Anti-Replay.


40% abandon service after forgetting their password. Increase engagement with a frictionless, no username and #NoPasswords experience.


30% of call center volumes involve password resets. Save money by reducing call volumes, reducing capital costs and reducing multiple vendor costs.


Identity Authentication where you need it

Whether you are looking to secure your organization internally, provide secure access to partners and customers, or simply create a delightful user experience Trusona has a solution that fits every industry's needs.

Trusona Solutions Map.png

Trusona Customer Solutions

Trusona provides SDKs for organizations of all types to create passwordless identity authentication solutions for their customers directly from your organization's app.

Trusona Employee Solutions

Trusona offers passwordless identity authentication solutions for several employee use cases and seemless integrations to existing enterprise systems - such as VPN, SSO and more.


Trusona Across the Authentication Journey

Trusona provides identity proofing across any user channel with one easy and consistent authentication experience