So, you’ve decided to add multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to your login experience for security but looks like there are only bad options — either send users old-fashioned one-time codes via SMS or force them to download, set up and use a complicated authenticator app.

What if your users could have an MFA experience that was as simple as unlocking their smartphone? Nothing to read, nothing to type, nothing to install? Wouldn’t that be better?

Well, it’s here.

Introducing Trusona Authentication Cloud (TAC) — MFA designed for today. No codes, no app, just TAC.




Inconvenient: Your users don’t like receiving, reading and typing codes, especially on their phone. But you’re making them.

Unreliable: Send a code. Did they get it? No? Send it again. Did they mistype it? Yes? Send it again. Are they logged in yet?

Insecure: Hmm, messages and codes can be re-directed. Is this login from the real user? It will be OK though, won’t it?


Authenticator Apps

Complicated: Send users to their App Store. Hope they download the right app. Can they set it up properly?

Confusing: Get users to open their app to login. Can they find the right one? Fingers crossed they’ve not deleted it.

Frustrating: Quick, they need to act before the timer runs out. If it all goes wrong, they’re going to call you or just give up.

Trusona Authentication Cloud

No codes

No waiting, no reading, no typing.

No downloads

No app, it’s already built into their phone.

No worries

It’s secure, it’s simple, it’s standards based.

No codes, no apps, just TAC

Want to see TAC for yourself? Get in touch and we’ll show you MFA Designed For Today — Trusona Authentication Cloud.

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