Trusona Elite is designed to protect the world’s most critical and sensitive assets such as high dollar wire transfers, SWIFT transfers, VIP access, system admin access to PII and critical infrastructure. 

Trusona Elite is for when you absolutely need to know with 100% certainty who is on the other end of a transaction.



Trusona TruToken: Globe


Security by design

We've combining the world’s top cyber security and design talent to create security that people want to use. 


Authenticate. Checkmate.

Trusona Elite delivers four-factor authentication and includes the most sophisticated anti-replay technology available—our patented TruTokenAR. 

The technology behind Trusona Elite has been in the financial world for six years and with over 120M transactions to-date with ZERO fraud.

With this actuarial data Trusona Elite is the only authentication technology to ever receive insurance backing from an A+ rated insurance carrier. 


Confidence = 100%

With all of the authentication solutions on the market it can be difficult to cut through the noise – how do you meet your IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service), CIAM (Consumer Identity Access Management), NIST LOA (Level of Assurance) requirements?

Trusona created the Confidence Score to codify risk profiles for the various identity proofing and authentication methods.

By giving a score for the identity-proofing technology used and the user credential, a confidence score can be calculated. 

Trusona Elite combines the best and most secure identity proofing and user credential technology to ensure the true persona behind online identities with 100% certainty. It is designed to solve the last mile of online security—when guaranteed authentication is a necessity.

Because it was designed with security and function in mind, it is the first token ever created your VIPs will love using it. 


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