It’s security so reliable that Trusona offers the world’s first patented Anti-Replay Technology.

Trusona’s Anti-Replay technology is similar to taking a snapshot of a river at a moment in time. There will never be another snapshot that will be identical to this one where water droplets of this exact size and relation to one another can exist. If someone claims to have taken this snapshot again, you know that 100 percent match equals 100 percent fraud.

Trusona takes a snapshot of the moment in time when a user selects ‘Accept’ as well as when they scan their ID. This information, along with the device ID, gets sent back to Trusona as part of the authentication request. If Trusona ever sees the exact match, Trusona knows the session has been replayed, and therefor fraud. If it is unique Trusona will authenticate.

Why Anti-Replay Technology

  • Defeat increasingly challenging threats

    It’s security so reliable that Trusona is the only service to provide patented Anti-Replay Technology. 

  • Invisible to end users

    That means a solution that’s not only more convenient, it’s more secure. 

  • Beyond authentication

    Anti-replay protects more than just authentication taking the most dangerous weapons out of the most dangerous actors’ hands.

No two taps are the same

Unique details, including how a user taps to accept, are captured for each authentication so that Trusona knows when an attacker is attempting to replay a previous authentication event.

Each scan is different

It's not just authentications that are protected with Anti-Replay Technology. When a user scans their identity document, unique details about the document and camera are captured to prevent replay attacks.

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With Trusona’s Anti-Replay Technology, we’re defeating increasingly challenging threats. That means a solution that’s not only more convenient, it’s more secure.

  • Go beyond the security of password-dependent MFA.
  • Defeat increasingly challenging threats.
  • More convenient and more secure.
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