2021 will be a watershed moment in our industry. It’s now inevitable that more organizations will move to passwordless solutions since usernames and passwords do not protect anyone, anymore.

There are different options to explore — some are software-based and some are hardware based. Regardless, the key is to make sure we get rid of (creating, memorizing, typing and maintaining) static passwords.

Otherwise, it ain’t passwordless.

One benefit of going passwordless is that it foils “shoulder surfing” as an attack vector. As in, no one can just simply watch you type your password to steal it.

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At Trusona, we designed a secure QR code that asks the user to scan it in order to begin the login process. If the attacker scans it, they will actually log in in to their account, and not the user’s…

Eat that, shoulder surfers.

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Make 2021 the year we see “clearly” why we have to get rid of passwords and move your organization to a modern MFA.

Why you should go passwordless (reason #201): Do it for the money
Why you should go passwordless (reason #200): Password vaults are not the answer
Why you should go passwordless (reason #199): Prevent password reset phishing emails from luring your users