Out with the old, in with “dynamic user authentication with assurance static user credentials can’t be stolen or replayed to imitate an actual member’s login”: The National Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NH-ISAC) announced this week that it is ditching passwords.

The leading nonprofit healthcare cybersecurity collective will pair with tech company Trusona to adopt its #NoPasswords solution. The technology works by generating a one-time use QR code for desktop portal logins. When the code on that screen is scanned using the corresponding mobile app, it instantly validates the login.

“Today NH-ISAC has sent a loud message that there is a better way to secure identity,” Trusona CEO Ori Eisen said in a statement. In November, his company led a webinar event with representatives from Aetna that was hosted by NH-ISAC.


Find out more about the partnership between NH-ISAC and Trusona here.


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