ATO Protect thwarts deepfake attacks powered with Generative AI by confirming the real-world identity of your account holder, a capability not delivered in legacy account takeover solutions


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.May 29, 2024 — Trusona, whose mission is to know who is truly on the other end of a digital transaction, today announces an expanded reseller partnership with Akamai Technologies, Inc., the cloud company that powers and protects life online. This partnership allows businesses to seamlessly purchase Trusona’s leading-edge ATO Protect solution through their Akamai master services agreement (MSA), offering enhanced security against account takeover (ATO) attacks.

Trusona’s ATO Protect solution is designed to address the growing challenges of ATO attacks driven by deepfakes based on Generative AI (GenAI). ATO Protect works without integration to secure accounts, identify risk, and provide tools for step up verification to detect risk and lock out fraudsters. Leveraging patented and patent-pending technologies, ATO Protect focuses on the account recovery process that is often disconnected from the security deployed at account creation. Given that the large majority of account recovery activity is genuine, ATO Protect provides a low friction verification step with increased fraud checks to ensure only authorized users are able to gain privileged access and initiate high-value activities.

“With GenAI, we are seeing an explosion of deepfakes that simulate voices, documents, selfies, and synthetic identities in an ever more convincing and easier to create manner. Our long-standing partnership with Akamai underscores our commitment to ensure businesses truly know who is on the other end of high-risk requests. We revolutionize the way organizations approach authentication and identity verification by providing convenient access to our ATO Protect solution through a trusted and established platform,” said Ori Eisen, Trusona CEO. “Together, we empower organizations to detect ATO fraud in real-time with no systems integration. Every single company that takes calls from employees into their IT Help Desk should use this tool, to avoid being the next headline.”

Akamai’s Partner Program simplifies the process for customers to access trusted security solutions like Trusona’s ATO Protect. Through this program, customers can leverage Akamai’s extensive network and expertise to enhance their cybersecurity while streamlining the procurement process. This collaboration not only simplifies the purchasing process but also ensures that customers have access to best-in-class security solutions from industry-leading providers. Through this agreement, customers can also purchase Trusona’s passkeys-as-a-service product line.

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About Trusona  

Trusona, pioneering leader of passwordless MFA, seeks to secure the identity behind every digital interaction to prevent fraudsters from succeeding in account takeover (ATO). Increasingly complex attack vectors, including Generative AI, target not only login but account recovery, are compromising customer security, and leading to measures that negatively impact customer experience. Trusona seeks to reduce business losses connected to ATO fraud by providing zero-integration identity verification to secure high-risk transactions. Trusona also provides phishing resistant credential solutions that can be deployed in a matter of weeks to further secure account onboarding and login. Organizations in financial services, iGaming, Fintech, healthcare, higher education, media and more, trust Trusona for omni-channel authentication across digital assets. For more information, please visit