How our approach to security and user experience drives better outcomes for your IT teams.  


Strongest security


Trusona’s security principles created the world’s first and only insured authentication. Now, these same principles empower your IT teams to protect your business, your employees and your consumers.



Usable security is security that gets used.



Know for sure. No probabilities or false positives.


Passwordless 2FA

No username, passwords or typing in the end-user experience.



No static credential is now secure.



Thwart static credential replay.



Employee and government-issued IDs as a factor of authentication.



We’re security practitioners. Each day we’re in a three-way game of chess. The actors in this game are: (1) security (2) usability (3) privacy. Our team was purpose-built to win by giving you the options you need to balance these three for your specific employee or consumer needs.


Security Experience

At Trusona, security and user experience sit side-by-side, literally. Our teams research, empathize, iterate, pen test, usability test and test again so you’re confident that you’re bringing the most usable and secure solution to your team. Our goal, to empower your employees and customers to achieve theirs. And we know authenticating isn’t one of them.

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