Passwords create a mountain of problems – they are static, annoying, stolen, replayed and don’t tell us who is on the other end of a transaction. 

Trusona Essential replaces passwords, eliminates password resets and is our free gift to the world. Trusona Essential includes our patent-pending anti replay technology to ensure you know the true persona behind every login.


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People hate passwords

The gap between security and user experience is diminishing. Security, risk and marketing professionals need to join forces to deliver a secure and delightful user experience for their customers.



33% of consumers don't reset their passwords after a breach
30% of call center calls are for password resets - which cost you big money



Confidence Score

With all of the authentication solutions on the market it can be difficult to cut through the noise. How do you meet your IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service), CIAM (Consumer Identity Access Management), NIST LOA (Level of Assurance) requirements?

Trusona created the Confidence Score to help you determine a risk profile for the various identity proofing and authentication methods to take the guess work out of it. By giving a score for the identity-proofing technology used and the user credential, a confidence score can be calculated. 

Trusona Essential is designed for lower risk, higher frequency transactions—such as basic account logins – when both the risk of fraud and the tolerance for friction is low. 


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