Cyber criminals target your employees and customers every day. Business email compromise alone is a multi-billion-dollar problem that has seen a 1,300% increase since 2015. 

Trusona Executive is designed to replace OTP tokens across all channels—logins, VPN, wire transfers, account opening, KYC, call center authentications. 


Why Trusona Executive



We witnessed the first session replay attack on March 18, 2010. Shortly after, cyber-criminals began harnessing the ZeuS malware to replay sessions and gained a game-changing advantage. Trusona stops these attacks.


You and your CMO will agree, most people prefer convenience over security. Don’t compromise. Give them both. Trusona removes the most painful touch point in your customer's journey—passwords! 


Adding Trusona reduces password total cost of ownership with up to 30% less call center volumes, reduced password training, no capital costs and consolidates multiple vendor systems. 


Replace OTPs

OTPs are expensive and a bad customer experience. Because the passcode typically lasts 60-seconds, they are still open to malware and session replay attacks, which makes them a security risk. 

Trusona Executive is our 3-factor authentication offering that replaces OTP tokens. Trusona Executive is designed for higher levels of security—new account openings, wire transfers, VPN access, system admin logins, etc.


Trusona's Confidence Score

With all of the authentication solutions on the market it can be difficult to cut through the noise – how do you meet your IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service), CIAM (Consumer Identity Access Management), NIST LOA (Level of Assurance) requirements?

Trusona created the Confidence Score to help you determine a risk profile for the various identity proofing and authentication methods to take the guess work out of it. By giving a score for the identity-proofing technology used and the user credential, a confidence score can be calculated. 


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