Today we observe World Password Day, a great time to remind everyone to ensure their passwords are unique, stronger and longer. However, as you may already know, passwords are internet security’s weakest link. With today’s advanced hacking techniques, static passwords — no matter how complex or how often changed — are easily stolen and replayed to gain access to online accounts. In a world where most people use the same passwords for most of their accounts — this is especially dangerous.

Take a moment and let us know which services you want to see get rid of passwords first.

Why World Password Day is Passé

I have dedicated my life to abolishing cybercrime – it funds nefarious activities such as terrorism, narcotics, human trafficking and child exploitation. As such, I hope that this is the very last World Password Day.

At Trusona, we are making passwords obsolete by leading the #NoPasswords Revolution to create a trusted internet where people are who they say they are every time. Trusona rids the world of passwords by replacing static username and passwords with simple and secure technology that is impossible to recreate using malware or identity theft.

Just making a stronger password, using a password manager, or using multi-factor authentication that is vulnerable to malware is not enough to truly protect yourself online. Password vaults are protected by a single password, after all. Adding yet another lock to the door won’t protect you when the criminals have a skeleton key.

At Trusona we are not adding another lock; we are re-thinking the door.

Anything static – usernames, passwords, secret questions – can be used to impersonate you on the Internet. After all, someone entering the right password just means they have the right credentials – not that you are really you.

We need a future where headlines aren’t riddled with stories about the breach of the day. By abandoning passwords for dynamic identity authentication with anti-replay technology built in, all of those headlines will be also be thing of the past.

Let’s make World Password Day 2018 a day of remembrance, honoring the fallen passwords that protected us for the first 50 years of the Internet.

Please share your thoughts on which services you want to see get rid of passwords first and make your mark on the #NoPasswords Revolution.

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