Passwordless multi-factor identity authentication for employees



In the digital world, anyone can be anyone. Protect your organization with Trusona’s passwordless multi-factor solution that authenticates digital identities seamlessly and beyond any doubt.


How Trusona benefits your organization?



66% of password logins take up to 5 minutes - the rest take even longer. Increase productivity and UX with our frictionless #NoPasswords experience.


81% of breaches are caused by static passwords. Avoid security headlines with 100% dynamic MFA security with patent pending anti-replay.


30% of call center volumes are due to password resets. Save money by reducing call volumes and capital costs costs.


Clients? You mean visionaries!


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Trusona's passwordless multi-factor identity authentication solution.

Missed the first award-winning demo at Finvovate Fall 2016? Watch it here.


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