Subsidiary of Japanese Telecom Giant NTT  to Offer Secure, Frictionless User Experience Via Trusona Passwordless, Multi-Factor Identity Authentication

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., January. 23, 2018 — NTT Advanced Technology Corp. (NTT-AT), a major provider of telecom and technology solutions in Japan, has partnered with Trusona, the global leader in #NoPasswords identity authentication, to offer Trusona’s frictionless login solution to enterprises that serve consumers throughout Japan.

“The opportunity to distribute Trusona’s technology will enable NTT-AT to offer our customers a safer and more secure identity authentication solution that completely gets rid of passwords,” said Eiji Kuwana, SVP of NTT Advanced Technology Corp. “Our company is committed to providing  excellent user experience and the best possible security for our customers.”

“We are honored to partner with NTT-AT in Japan as the #NoPasswords revolution proliferates across the region,” said Ori Eisen, CEO & Founder of Trusona. “Creating a safer, more engaging user experience begins with eliminating the use of static usernames and passwords which account for the majority of online breaches.”

Trusona’s Identity Authentication Suite replaces passwords with a dynamic multi-factor login solution based on patent-pending anti-replay technology. It is the safest and most convenient access any digital channel – web, mobile, IoT, call center, TV and more. Trusona is used by a variety of organizations including government, financial institutions, healthcare, e-commerce and higher education institutions.

“By taking this step towards user-friendly identity authentication, NTT-AT is providing a solution that millions of consumers in Japan have been craving,” said Kazunari Tanaka, APAC Managing Director of Trusona. “Traditional authentication technologies are inconvenient, insecure and outdated. Businesses have a responsibility to assure the security of millions of online consumers without complicating user experience. NTT-AT known for pioneering innovative technologies and are leading the adoption of #NoPasswords in Japan.”


Trusona is the global leader in identity authentication ensuring the True Persona behind every digital interaction. By eliminating all static credentials, authentication becomes frictionless while thwarting the rise of cybercrime perpetrated through static credential replay. Trusona offers a #NoPasswords identity authentication solution for logins and identity proofing.  Trusona is leading the #NoPasswords Revolution where there are no passwords to be created, remembered, stolen, or compromised – ensuring people are who they say they are and no one else can. Trusona was founded in 2015 by CEO and cybersecurity expert Ori Eisen and is funded by Kleiner Perkins, Microsoft Ventures, Seven Peaks Ventures, and 2M. For more information visit


Since its founding in 1976, NTT Advanced Technology has served as a technical core company of the NTT Group, with various advanced technologies such as NTT R & D’s network technology, security technology, cloud technology, Japanese processing technology and environmental technology, in addition to widely adopting advanced technologies internationally. NTT-AT integrates technology to solve customer problems with a continued commitment to provide added value for customers worldwide.

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