User experience is at the core of what we do

At Trusona, user experience leadership has been part of our executive team since day one.

That’s why Trusona’s solutions are designed from the ground-up for the way people live and work, and the way developers architect and code. We train our entire team on UX best practices and principles, because stronger security combined with simpler UX create a safer, happier company.

“If it isn’t usable, it isn’t secure.”

Jared M. Spool is one of the most knowledgeable communicators on the subject of user experience today. Jared entered the field of usability and design in 1978 before the term "usability" was associated with computers. In 2018, Jared keynoted the Trusona cybersecurity summit. Wait, what does UX have to do with security? According to Jared, “if it isn’t usable, it isn’t secure.” At Trusona, we couldn't agree more.

Authentication designed to succeed

We don't just leave great design for the UX team to handle, we ingrain it into our entire system and focus on the end-to-end experience. Our 12 Identity Experience (iX) building blocks serve as the foundation for our sales, ops, product, and engineering teams to design user journeys. Together, we make a holistic identity experience that is not only more secure but seamless and delightful for the end-user.

Human-centered experience research

As cybersecurity remains a top concern for enterprises, especially with fully distributed workforces due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Trusona understands that security that works is security that people don't work around. To ensure our solutions are seamless for your users, we partner with Research Collective to conduct human-centered experience research, including eye-tracking and the use of formal usability labs. With Blink Research, we conducted a groundbreaking passwordless MFA behavioral research.

Setting industry standards with FIDO

Our veteran UX team leads the FIDO UX Task Force to conduct the first-ever formal usability research of FIDO user journeys, partnering with product leaders from Wells Fargo, Visa, Facebook, and Apple. We're more than just FIDO compliant, we're actively working with the FIDO Executive Team to establish FIDO UX best practices and make passwordless authentication more usable for all.

Designing for the best with the best

In 2018, Trusona's UX team hosted half a dozen brands at the London Design Museum for co-creation sessions to map their passwordless identity authentication journeys for their consumers. In these intimate sessions, we leveraged Trusona's 12 Identity Experience Building Blocks to develop very detailed identity authentication journeys for different customer personas. The outcome? All participating brands walked away understanding how Trusona can make their path to passwordless safe and certain as a brand and that with Trusona, you don’t need to sacrifice usability for security.

An evolutionary step with revolutionary outcomes


Users prefer Trusona's passwordless multi-factor logins over familiar usernames and passwords


Successful logins with Trusona's passwordless MFA, versus 56% with passwords.


Fewer users attempting password reset


of people who try Trusona's passwordless MFA for the first time after email priming, stick with it.

“At Trusona, my ‘big why’ is making a lasting impact on people’s lives by building a safer digital world. I always wanted to apply myself to something that makes a difference. At Trusona, our mission is about more than a company. It is about changing the landscape of Internet security, and making everyone’s lives safer, easier, and simpler through the power of design and hard work. It doesn’t hurt to work alongside smart, dedicated people who believe the same thing!”

Mariel Piña
Product Designer

Love is a many factored thing

It’s scientifically proven. People love better authentication. View the stats and read the Purple Paper of the first-ever, masked behavioral adoption study of passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication.

Let's talk about how you want to authenticate

We feel cybersecurity is THE most exciting place to be as a design thinker. For years bit and bytes and algorithms have led cybersecurity and now Trusona is bringing the human side of the screen through usability research, design thinking and human-centered product development.

Want an authentication experience your users will love? (Or at least not express their disapproval of in ways that get you called into HR). Contact us to connect with Kevin Goldman and Mariel Pina, our Chief Experience Officer and Senior Experience Designer, and we’ll find a way to make authentication work for you.

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Who are you authenticating?

Your customers

Deliver a seamless, consumer-ready experience with our SDK integrated with your app for an experience your customers will buy into.

Your workforce

Consolidate digital identity across your organization whether authentication or identity proofing. It's a single partner for the task of "who."