Frictionless authentication, engaged customers

Trusona Authentication Cloud is the industry’s first app-less passwordless MFA solution. It is a cloud-based service enabling users to authenticate with a “tap-and-go" experience, without the need for any kind of mobile app.

Proxy-based architecture

Almost no development or integration required, making it fast to POC and deploy.

Simple upgrade experience

Flexible, low-risk approach to allow your customers to migrate away from passwords at their convenience.

No-code Journey Builder

Select from predefined user journeys and customize them to match your brand experience without any development.

Support for a wide range of authentication capabilities

Choose the authentication options you want, including app-based passwordless, app-less passwordless or username and passwords for those who need it.

Authentication visibility

Capture dozens of authentication event types for correlating with your business KPIs to demonstrate business improvement.


Deliver passwordless authentication with device-based biometrics using the FIDO and WebAuthn standards.

“A strong blend of security and usability is core to any successful authentication solution and Trusona Authentication Cloud’s modern approach marries the two with a simple, standards-based sign-in experience. Even the smallest amount of friction is everything in terms of customer usage, and Trusona replaces outdated approaches to authentication — such as employing passwords — for modern, device-based security tailored to the needs of customers and businesses alike.

Roger Thornton
General Partner

“With minimal development and integration effort we were able to quickly deploy Trusona Authentication Cloud to our CoLab partners giving them a fast, simple onboarding and authentication experience unlike any other. The solution has allowed us to offer best-in-class authentication that is fast, simple and secure.”

Ben Wilde
Head of Marketing and Growth

“Trusona Authentication Cloud will allow us to improve our engagement with students and alumni without the pain of usernames, passwords or having to use yet another app.”

Anthony Mutti
Chief Information Officer

See how Trusona can improve your sign-in CX today

Benefits to the business

By streamlining your sign-in experience, we allow your customers to engage with you more easily.

Strong authentication with a wonderful experience

  • Happier users who spend more
  • Lower attrition and abandonment, increased revenues
  • Higher retention, lifetime value (LTV)

Lower cost of running the business

  • Reduced account takeovers and account sharing
  • Reduced fraud and fewer manual fraud analysis actions
  • Reduced spend on outsourcing manual reviews

Benefits of eliminating passwords

  • No more password resets
  • Reduced call center complaints
  • Fast, simple, frictionless logins

Optimized brand experience

With a Journey Builder that gives you absolute control of your brand experience, frictionless authentication can now becomes a reality.



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  • Customers

    • Monthly active users (MAU) / month Contact us for tiered usage pricing
    • Human-centered, omni-channel experience, built to make your brand shine
      • Your brand, your experience — optimized simple sign-in experience using proven journeys
      • Browser-based, simple sign-in for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows
      • Secure and frictionless sign-in native for your device (biometric, pattern, PIN, passcode)
      • Leverages FIDO and WebAuthn standards
      • Integrates with the most popular CIAMs via OIDC and SAML
      • Supports password coexistence to enable transformation to simple sign-in at your pace
    • Enterprise-grade security
      • Mitigate credential stuffing attacks
      • Mitigate phishing attacks
      • Mitigate credential replay attacks
      • Mitigate keylogger attacks
      • Mitigate shared secrets
      • Mitigate lost or stolen token attacks
      • Data encryption at rest and in transit
    • Enterprise administration console
      • Journey Builder to enable fast implementation of proven authentication experiences
      • Analytics integrations and KPI Dashboards
      • View and manage users and devices
      • Admin console protected by passwordless MFA

Improve your sign-in CX

Talk to an expert, see Trusona Authentication Cloud in action and learn how modern authentication is key to a successful digital transformation strategy.

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