Improve digital KPIs and cut costs with passkeys


Reduction in SMS OTP costs


Faster sign-ups and sign-ins


First try sign-in success




Devices ready

Quickly upgrade from passwords to passkeys

Trusona Authentication Cloud is a passkey-as-a-service platform that offers the following key capabilities:

Integrates with leading CIAM and IdP systems

Rapid deployment and accelerated time-to-value (4-6 weeks).

Device compatibility checks and journey adaptation

OS and browser checks determine passkey compatibility before every sign-up/sign-in. Alternate user journeys are employed when a passkey cannot be used.

No-code Journey Builder

Out-of-the-box, configurable user journeys that can be customized to match your brand experience.

Support for a wide range of authentication capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with other authentication modalities such as legacy 2FA and hardware security keys.

Authentication visibility

View dozens of authentication event types in the Trusona Admin Portal for correlating with your KPIs to demonstrate business improvement.

See the Trusona Admin Portal


Deliver phishing-resistant authentication with device-based biometrics using the FIDO and WebAuthn standards.

Benefits to the business

By streamlining your sign-in experience, we allow your customers to engage with you more easily.

Strong authentication with a wonderful experience

  • More accounts opened, increased conversion rates
  • Lower attrition and abandonment, increased revenues
  • Higher retention, lifetime value (LTV)

Lower cost of running the business

  • Reduced account takeovers and account sharing
  • Reduced fraud and fewer manual fraud analysis actions
  • Fewer SMS OTPs and support calls means reduced costs

Benefits of eliminating passwords

  • No more password resets
  • Reduced call center complaints
  • Fast, simple, frictionless logins

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“Passkeys are the future of authentication in the iGaming industry and Trusona will continue to help us to lead the market with revolutionary solutions that allow customers to easily sign up, sign in and play.”

Sapar Karyagdyyev

“With minimal development and integration effort we were able to quickly deploy Trusona Authentication Cloud to our CoLab partners giving them a fast, simple onboarding and authentication experience unlike any other.”

Ben Wilde
Head of Marketing and Growth

“Trusona Authentication Cloud will allow us to improve our engagement with students and alumni without the pain of usernames, passwords or having to use yet another app.”

Anthony Mutti
Chief Information Officer

Build vs. buy

While passkeys are an open standard, that alone does not make a website or app automatically provide them. In fact, significant steps are required to add passkeys to a website or app.

When considering a passkey implementation, organizations face the choice between developing a solution themselves (“build”) or purchasing a ready-made, off-the-shelf solution (“buy”).

No matter the path you take, Trusona offers:

• Time-to-value in only weeks
• A solution that requires no additional resources
• Low and fixed cost delivery risk

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Improve your sign-in CX and grow your business

Talk to an expert, see Trusona Authentication Cloud in action and learn how passkeys are critical to a successful digital transformation strategy.

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