Cyber attacks are now so frequent that they border on uninteresting. And as attacks have increased in the past few years, so has the number of security startups claiming to tackle the problem. But isn’t this direct relationship between the number of cybercrime incidents and the number of tools to stop them counterintuitive? Are these companies really providing a solution, or have they just been capitalizing on a booming market?

The sad fact is that security companies only have solutions that address pieces of the massive problem and many only provide value after a breach has taken place. They have yet to find a way to truly solve the full scope of the problem and earn and retain customers’—and ultimately consumers’—full trust. Even with industry jargon and all promises of unmatched security, security vendors are at a crossroads where they’re unable to put their money where their mouth is because they’re just not confident enough in their own solutions. As the security market turns to a Darwinian climate, we need to find the diamonds in the rough of a noisy market and find solutions that will actually solve the problems companies face every day. The most effective way for companies to prove their worth is by standing behind their product and insuring its results. It’s time to shake up the security industry and increase accountability in order to truly make the digital world a safer place.


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