Introducing: The Business Opportunity Created by 4 Billion Devices

Best Buy, CVS, Google and some of the biggest brands in the world have already embraced a technology that increases revenue, lowers costs, eliminates fraud and delights their audiences: passkeys. Today, over four billion devices are already capable of using passkeys as an alternative to passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA), but many companies are unclear on how to enable this for their customers.

This low-stakes, high-return authentication method overcomes the expenses related to 2FA (like SMS OTP costs), is more secure and improves the user experience for your customers. Its sign-up and sign-in technology expedites all the actions your users need to take in a sliver of the time.


How Passkeys Can Power Your Bottom Line

Adding an alternative to passwords and 2FA requires confidence. That’s why we encourage companies to weigh the opportunity of passkeys against the effort of implementing it. After all, because passkeys can be easily deployed with the right solution, the return-on-investment can quickly multiply as you bring this technology onboard.

It does this in several concrete ways, including:

  • Increasing revenue from a simplified account creation process that yields higher conversion rates
  • Increasing revenue due to faster and more successful sign-ins, which enable users to spend more time and money with your business
  • Eliminating SMS OTP costs during sign-in and account recovery
  • Reducing costs by mitigating Account Takeover (ATO) fraud
  • Reducing call center costs due to less password-related account resets and lockouts

Just like they do for brands like PayPal, Kayak and TikTok, passkeys are designed to help you save money. Plus, they bring softer benefits like improved customer experience and expanded brand engagement.


The Full Story

Don’t leave a four-billion opportunity on the table. Trusona has a Passkey Evaluation Package that offers a fast, low-cost way to measure how this technology can power your business. Contact us to learn about this approach.

Or dive a little deeper on your own. Read the full story on Building a Business Case for Passkeys.

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