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Gamingtec, a leading B2B iGaming platform provider, prioritizes critical industry KPIs like account sign-up conversion rates and long-term customer value (LTV). They also recognize that customer experience heavily influences these KPIs — particularly during account creation and sign-in.  

Despite these being fundamental elements of the iGaming customer journey, the current password-based system and two-factor authentication (2FA) approaches used by many in the industry creates unwanted friction, resulting in abandoned sign-ups and poor sign-in success rates as low as 56%. 2FA using one-time passcodes (OTPs) further slows down the process and can compound failure rates — especially when delivered via SMS or email.  

Gamingtec was determined to find a sign-in solution that was easier to use, faster and with a higher success rate to improve the customer experience. As such, they turned to Trusona to passkey-enable their platform. With major companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft adopting passkeys as an alternative method of authentication, the technology offers simple, phishing-resistant sign-ins. Now available on billions of devices, passkeys are already supported on the most popular browsers, devices and operating systems. 

“We knew the customer experience during account creation and sign-in was critical for the success of the gaming companies using our platform,” said Sapar Karyagdyyev, CEO of Gamingtec. “The existing OTP approaches were a roadblock we needed to overcome for the evolution of iGaming.”



Gamingtec adopted Trusona Authentication Cloud to measure and quantify the impact of passkeys on the iGaming customer experience and, as a result, on their critical business KPIs. Trusona Authentication Cloud is a passkey-as-a-service platform, offering the simplest, quickest and lowest cost way to add passkeys to your website. Leveraging Trusona, Gamingtec was able to rapidly deploy passkeys into their customer journey and compare the effects.

The iGaming platform provider began initial deployment by focusing on two of its gaming operator brands in Europe introducing passkeys as a selectable 2FA option alongside SMS, email and app-based OTPs. Notably, they did so without any marketing promotion to measure organic customer discovery, usage and impact. 

“With Trusona’s help, we quickly deployed passkeys as an innovative solution to improve the customer experience, while also increasing the security of our customers’ accounts,” said Karyagdyyev. “Trusona has been a fantastic partner, making the implementation process quick and easy.”



In a matter of months — after hundreds of thousands of sign-ins by registered customers — passkeys quickly became the preferred sign-in option for thousands of users, while delivering a zero-failure rate and a significantly faster authentication experience. 

Average sign-in times: 

  • Trusona: 14 seconds 
  • SMS OTP: 23 seconds 
  • Email OTP: 30 seconds 

First-try sign-in success rates: 

  • Trusona: 100% 
  • SMS OTP: 94% 
  • Email OTP: 92% 

Armed with the validation of the initial deployment, Gamingtec is now planning the next phase of their passkey rollout with Trusona which will allow the iGaming platform to go fully passwordless and remove the need for 2FA altogether. By replacing passwords with passkeys, Gamingtec expects their customers to reduce sign-in times by 70% and eliminate more of the friction of both the account registration and sign-in processes.  

“Our customers have spoken, and the results are clear,” said Karyagdyyev. “Passkeys are the future of authentication in the iGaming industry, and Trusona will continue to help us to lead the market with revolutionary solutions that allow customers to easily sign up, sign in and play.”

Gamingtec is just one of many iGaming organizations discovering the value of passkeys. To learn how Trusona can help transform your customers’ sign-in experience, explore more at