Overcome compliance and revenue challenges

iGaming providers and operators are faced with compliance mandates that require strong multi-factor authentication (MFA). However, existing solutions are fraught with:

High transactional costs

SMS OTP authentication brings high transactional costs incurred by SMS OTP.

Sign-up friction

Friction in the sign-up experience affects new account conversion rates.

friction

Friction in the sign-in experience affects players’ betting spend.


Account takeover fraud due to hacking and phishing attacks.

Enjoy key business benefits

Meet MFA compliance regulations

  • Deliver passkeys as an alternative to passwords and other second factors

Increase gaming revenue

  • Convert more new player accounts by reducing friction during sign-up
  • Increase player engagement by removing friction from the sign-in and step-up process
  • Increase the frequency of plays

Mitigate security risks

  • Reduce account takeover and phishing attacks

Happier players means more revenue


faster sign-in times with passkeys than passwords


higher sign-in success rates with passkeys than passwords

Replace passwords with passkeys

Passkeys are much easier to use, eliminate many of the password reset frustrations and costs. They are also phishing-resistant and cannot be hacked and stolen en masse like usernames and passwords.

Trusona Authentication Cloud is a passkey-as-a-service platform that helps iGaming businesses rapidly deploy passkeys to their websites.

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Why Trusona for iGaming

Enhance the gaming experience for your customers so they can easily sign up, sign in and play.

  • Fastest time-to-value, with passkey deployments typically taking days to weeks
  • Best-in-class CX with minimal developer resources
  • Lowest risk as no expertise in passkey or UX journeys required
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