What’s wrong with SCA today?

Basic SCA methods, like SMS OTP, tick the box for compliance but are not very secure and deliver a poor customer experience. They often need enhancing with other solutions, such as behavioural biometrics, which add even more complexity and unpredictability.

SCA introduces yet another security experience for the end customer to master. Channel consistency should be the goal with a single PSD2 SCA-compliant customer experience being applied, whether they’re making a payment, banking or engaging with a contact centre.

Finally, SCA is often seen as a compliance burden when it can be a real opportunity to reduce costs and drive digital customer engagement.

Why Trusona?

Trusona is a leader in strong customer authentication and values experience as much as security. We can take you, and your customers, beyond basic SCA.

Trusona offers an SDK-based SCA solution that delivers a robust, multi-factor and slick customer experience into your mobile app. For those scenarios where high app adoption is not available, we offer a unique mobile web-based SCA solution that is fast and easy to deploy.

Retail banks

Go beyond your Open Banking regulatory PSD2 SCA requirements and revolutionise your customer auth in all channels.

Card issuers

Offer a compelling alternative to SMS OTP and provide all the benefits of app-based SCA without the app.

Learn about our partnership with Netcetera

PSPs and merchants

Give your customers a great delegated authentication experience, however they check out.

See our engagement with Pay360

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