During the discovery phase, you’ll want to determine which flavor of the Trusona SDK is best for you. The Touchpoint SDK contains curated journeys from Trusona that have been user tested and refined to provide the best user experience. The WebAuthN SDK contains the calls needed to invoke, register, and authenticate with a passkey using Trusona, as well as manage users. The WebAuthN SDK does not contain the curated user journeys.

  1. SDK Selection
    1. Touchpoint SDK:
    2. WebAuthN SDK:
  2. Download SDK For Review

Sandbox Environment Setup

During the sandbox setup, you’ll be working with our Customer Success team to setup your sandbox tenant for testing and further development.

  1. Create TAC Org – Completed By Trusona
  2. Create Sandbox Tenant – Completed By Trusona
  3. Configuration – Completed via call with the Trusona team or via email to
    1. SDK Initialization ID – This is the sandbox tenant URL.
    2. JSON Web Key Set URL – This is an endpoint on the customer side that will verify tokens from the customer system
    3. Allowed Origin URLs – This is a list of sites where the SDK will be deployed, either in test or production.
  4. Assign Admin Users – Completed via call with the Trusona team or via email to

Production Environment Setup

The Production environment setup is nearly the same as the sandbox environment, the only difference is the addition of CNAME records to ensure that your users do not see a Trusona URL during your user journeys.

  1. Create Production Tenant
    1. Customer will need to implement two CNAME records on their side. The CNAME records will be provided by the Trusona team during the setup process.
  2. Configuration
    1. SDK Initialization ID – This is your production tenant URL
    2. JSON Web Key Set URL
    3. Allowed Origin URLs

Development & Testing

  1. Code Application Against SDK
  2. Review Journeys
  3. Testing & Iteration. The Trusona team can provide test cases for your team and can assist with testing.
  4. Rollout