Kaz Tanaka

Identity Authentication Trailblazer Hires Experienced Managing Director To Lead the Expansion

Scottsdale, AZ – August 8, 2017 – Trusona, the leader in secure identity authentication, today announced the opening of a new office in Tokyo, Japan. Following Series B funding from Microsoft Ventures and Kleiner Perkins, this expansion marks the first foray of the company into international markets, and will help meet the cybersecurity demands of Japan and Asia Pacific. Trusona will bring the #NoPasswords revolution to companies and their customers to increase both security and convenience in a world of increasing internet security complexity and rise of cyber attacks.

As part of the expansion, Trusona hired Kazunari (“Kaz”) Tanaka, a seasoned leader with more than 15 years of experience from successful companies with several exits including Sun Microsystems (Oracle), AutoDesk, ArcSight (HP), Netezza (IBM), 41st Parameter (Experian) and SundaySky across the Asia Pacific market. As the Managing Director of Asia Pacific, Mr. Tanaka will focus his expertise on establishing a market footprint for the company in Asia Pacific and raising awareness for Trusona’s #NoPasswords identity authentication solution that is more secure and user friendly than the antiquated username and password combination.

“As threats of cyber attacks skyrocket, thousands of businesses and millions of end users across the APAC region need better protection,” mentioned Kaz Tanaka. “I’m very excited to join Trusona and it’s crucial mission. The traditional password is vulnerable and inconvenient. Organizations across the region are hungry for an advanced solution like Trusona.”

“Asia’s technological impact on the world  is undeniable”, mentioned Ori Eisen, CEO of Trusona. “By focusing on expanding our presence across Asia Pacific, we are establishing Trusona as a global solution for enterprises that could benefit from replacing passwords with a frictionless and secure solution.”

Trusona’s identity proofing coupled with authentication is rethinking the old ways of cybersecurity and eliminating the need for static usernames and passwords, internet security’s weakest link. Trusona’s solutions ensure people are who they say they are and no one else can, relying on patented technology that uses the unique nature of each authentication to assure the True Persona behind every digital interaction. Offering three tiers of security, Trusona’s #NoPasswords solution can be integrated into any service requiring identity authentication from bank account authentication to streaming media logins to organization’s virtual private networks (VPN)..  Trusona is already being utilized across leading government, health care, finance, and media corporations. For more information visit www.trusona.com.

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