Published in TechCrunch
by Ron Miller (@ron_miller)

Last week, to commemorate World Password Day — yes, there really is such a thing — we ran my 2015 article called Kill the password, my treatise on the myriad problems associated with passwords. Trusona, a company trying to transform identity, announced today that it is releasing support for passwordless entry on Hey, it’s a start.

The trouble with the password as we’ve long known, is that it puts the burden on the user to create a good one and then remember it. If the purpose of the password is to ensure only authorized users have access to a system, then as we’ve seen over and over with so many high-profile attacks, it’s not really doing the job.

Trusona hopes to change that by making it easier to access applications and services in a secure way without having to enter anything. It’s using Salesforce as a proof of concept, but it really could apply to any service, and you can expect them to layer on others over time.

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