Universal authentication available to anyone with a smartphone, uses FIDO2 standard


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Feb. 17, 2021 — Trusona, the pioneering leader in passwordless identity authentication, today announced its industry-first, patent-pending app-less MFA solution, enabling enterprises to deliver fast, frictionless and secure passwordless authentication without requiring a mobile app. The solution utilizes FIDO-based technology, providing out-of-the-box authentication for customers and employees via mobile device.

With the growing challenge for organizations to offer strong security while ensuring a flexible, simple user experience, Trusona provides passwordless desktop MFA for all customers and employees — with or without a dedicated mobile app. Using a simple interaction with a mobile web page to authenticate, the solution significantly increases the available coverage of end users. Enterprises no longer have to worry about customers’ app adoption or employees resisting installing MFA authenticator apps.

“We see considerable demand across all aspects of the enterprise for a seamless, passwordless MFA experience across many use cases,” said Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO at TAG Cyber. “The Trusona solution is especially well-suited to this growing segment of the cybersecurity marketplace as their app-less authentication technology enables the broadest coverage and the least friction for users.”

Trusona’s solution uses the FIDO2 WebAuthn protocol, which is supported in Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices. Trusona’s patent-pending technology includes a FIDO® Certified, cloud-based server, using FIDO2 authentication standards to best provide a secure, convenient experience without the vulnerable use of usernames or passwords.

“As a member of the FIDO Alliance and provider of passwordless authentication solutions, Trusona shares FIDO Alliance’s vision to secure the world from the vulnerabilities of passwords,” said Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer of the FIDO Alliance. “We applaud Trusona’s progress and contributions as the FIDO community continues to collaborate to provide stronger and simpler authentication experiences for all.”

The app-less solution serves customers and employees alike across many different use cases, including:

Contact center user authentication

  • The solution eliminates the need for insecure methods of authentication such as Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA), voice detection and One-Time Passcodes (OTP) over SMS. By removing the need to download a mobile app, contact centers can reduce Active Handling Times (AHT) and increase customer self-service.

ATM, TV, IoT and Non-PC devices

  • Consumers commonly interact with a wide range of non-PC devices for banking (ATM), retail (POS device) and streaming services (TV). In these cases, app-less authentication offers a faster, more convenient solution for consumers without requiring them to download, install and set up a mobile app.

Employee authentication with BYOD

  • With two out of three employees using their own personal devices at work, many are naturally reluctant to install any work-related apps for fear of being monitored1. As such, the app-less experience provides a convenient solution for authentication.

To see a demo and learn more about Trusona’s app-less MFA solution for your organization, please visit www.trusona.com/customers/fido-over-https.