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Passkeys to Power Your iGaming Platform

A 360° Solution Built with Your Business in Mind

Passwords vs. Passkeys: An Emerging Battleground

Let’s face it. We’ve lived in a password-heavy world for too long. With that, comes old approaches to signing in, maintaining security, and ensuring customers enjoy a seamless experience on our platforms. Passkeys overcome each and every one of these hurdles and bring your business into the modern era.

If you’re like most of our customers, you’re not here by mistake. You have started to notice some of these barriers, or at the very least are somewhat curious if there’s an alternative to passwords. Take it from an iGaming CEO who was in your shoes last year—and who discovered there was a better way.

Better in Every Head-to-Head Matchup

Passkeys open up a world of opportunity both for your business and your players. Not only are they able to increase lifetime value (LTV), achieve multi-factor compliance requirements, and enhance revenue opportunities—they also offer cleaner CX for your customers. When stood up side-by-side with passwords, passkeys win every time.


faster sign-in times with
passkeys than passwords


higher sign-in success rates
with passkeys than passwords

Meet MFA Compliance
Increase Gaming Revenue
Mitigate Security Risks

Making a Mark

For any of our clients, regardless of industry, they want to know implementing a solution like this will have a positive impact on their company and bottom line. Passkeys are able to immediately yield ROI for several aspects of your iGaming business.

Removes Transactional Costs

Passkeys don’t have the legacy MFA cost associated with SMS OTP usage

Ends Sign-Up Friction

Passkeys improve CX during account creation, improving CPA and LTV

Reduces Sign-In Obstacles

Passkeys allow players to get on-platform quicker for betting

Overcoming Fraud

Passkeys don’t have account takeover, hacking, and phishing vulnerabilities

Getting the Full Rundown

If this all sounds great, but passkeys still seem relatively new to you, we’re happy to offer a deep dive into how this technology works.

Our foundational Trusona Authentication Cloud is a passkey-as-a-service platform that helps iGaming businesses rapidly passkey-enable their websites.

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Why Trusona for iGaming?

We’ve proven time and again passkeys are revenue drivers—and can convert more new players, increase player engagement, and increase the frequency of plays. This service is easily deployable within days to weeks and can bring value almost immediately

Plus, it layers into your current approach with minimal developer resources, so there is limited-to-no risk as you begin implementing it into your existing UX journeys and experience. Let’s chat about how passkeys can be a solution for your iGaming platform.