Watch as Trusona takes you behind the scenes of their ground-breaking research and explains the business benefits when people actually prefer more secure logins that are easier to use.

Trusona commissioned leading user experience research firm Blink to define and run longitudinal, masked behavioral research to determine — when people are presented with a choice between Trusona’s multi-factor passwordless authentication and single-factor usernames and passwords — which login they actually prefer.

The results: more than 7 out of 10 people choose Trusona’s passwordless login multi-factor authentication experience over traditional password login.

You’ll Learn:

  • See demos of the login and password reset options

  • Learn what makes passwordless multi-factor more secure

  • Discover what makes the research groundbreaking for businesses


  • Kevin Goldman, Trusona Chief Design Officer // Trusona

  • Mariel Pina, Trusona Product Designer // Trusona