Faster sign-ons =
Increased productivity
Easy implementations
Reduced helpdesk calls
No passwords
No hardware
Patented Anti-Replay

Security + Usability = Operational Efficiency

Trusona's pioneering approach of combining security with a focus on the user journey increases efficiency across the entire organization.

Increase employee productivity, with no forgotten passwords

With no passwords to remember or change employees and customers can quickly sign in to their desktops, applications and websites.

Reduce call center and helpdesk costs

With the elimination of passwords and password resets Trusona eliminates the helpdesk and call center calls from employees and customers who have forgotten their passwords.

No required hardware or capital expenditures

Trusona’s solution works with what you already have without requiring any software upgrades or additional hardware.

Increase employee productivity with faster sign-ins

Trusona eliminates the need for users to remember and type passwords, allowing users to sign in faster.

Increase efficiency of IT Staff with easy onboarding

Trusona's solutions are very easy for users to understand and adopt, and can be implemented and rolled out quickly.

Reduce losses with Trusona's patented Anti-Replay technology

Trusona ends session replay attacks with the world's first patented Anti-Replay Technology.

Enterprise-wide operational efficiencies and savings


is the average annual cost of employee password resets in a single Fortune 1000 company


savings per year due to reduced agent time in the contact center — Telco Provider


more successful logins compared to usernames and passwords


of logins were successful vs abysmal 56% of password-based logins

2 Days

is all it takes on average to implement one of our standard passwordless solutions

Workforce Solution

Exeter Financial

Trusona provided the firm with a solution that simply works with their existing infrastructure, trading in the typical burden of required software and hardware upgrades for a solution that’s user-friendly and easy to install, configure and deploy. A self-service employee enrollment wizard provided fast onboarding for employees, taking only a matter of minutes to complete.

Workforce Solution

Venture Capital Firm

A leading VC firm turned to Trusona to add more advanced and progressive security within their firm. The move to passwordless has given them peace of mind to operate without worrying about threats due to identity fraud and authentication errors.

“As passwords are consistently identified as the biggest risk to enterprise security, we knew it was important to remove this threat vector from our desktop login process for all our employees — especially when working remotely. That being said, we wanted an MFA solution that not only offered stronger security, but greater efficiency and usability.”

Steve Harrison
Managing Partner

“We love being able to sign in to our computers and devices without the unnecessary friction of typing in static credentials. By doing so, productivity has increased and frustration reduced as our employees can no longer lock themselves out due to forgotten passwords. The perpetual maintenance of a strict password policy can now be consigned to history.”

Alexei Toropov

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Consult with an Authentication and ID Proofing expert now to learn more about how Trusona’s solutions can improve your organization’s operational efficiency…

  • With increased employee productivity, with no forgotten passwords or resets
  • With reduced helpdesk/call center costs
  • With the elimination of any new hardware/software requirements
  • With faster sign-ins, resulting in increased employee productivity
  • With easy onboarding/implementation, resulting in higher IT staff efficiency
  • With reduced losses from session replay attacks, with patented technology

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Dynamic identity authentication

With dynamic identity authentication, we remove the biggest vulnerabilities targeted by the eight most common attack vectors.

Enterprise-wide solution

With an enterprise-wide solution to authenticate your workforce, customers and any enterprise system.

User experience

With a user experience designed for the way people work and live, breaking up with the passwords is easy.

Path to passwordless

With a path to passwordless that’s safe and certain.