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  • Enterprise-grade security beyond the password

    Our passwordless MFA is built with the highest level of security and more secure than traditional MFA. By removing passwords from users, Trusona instantly mitigates eight of the most common attack vectors, like SIM swapping, keylogging, credential replay and credential stuffing, all of which are password dependent. Plus, users prefer our passwordless MFA login experience -- that means a solution that’s not only more convenient, it’s more secure. You're welcome.

  • Enterprise scale for any (or all) use cases

    Our system is responsive, scalable, and easily integrated to the most popular applications in your enterprise stack. We'll help you take passwordless omni-channel, from desktop SSO to ATMs and TVs, to call centers and IVRs, and digital identity proofing of government or employer-issued identification and beyond. With SDKs and APIs for a range of services, and robust documentation to guide you along, your enterprise security path never leads to a dead-end.

  • Your single enterprise partner for a safe, secure path to passwordless

    Trusona is not just your enterprise authentication solution -- we're your guide on the path to enhanced security through a passwordless authentication experience that your employees and users will prefer. With docs, guides, and support staff at the ready, the path to a modern enterprise authentication solution is safe and certain.

  • Enterprise ready today

    While Trusona is built upon accepted industry standards for security, like FIDO, ISO 27001 and SOC 2 IT controls, we go beyond the security of password-dependent MFA. End session replay attacks with patented Anti-Replay Technology for passwordless authentication and identity proofing.

Industry luminaries agree: Frank Abagnale on #NoPasswords

Famous con man-turned-security consultant Frank Abagnale explains why removing the passwords creates a more secure enterprise. When it comes to MFA, passwordless is the safe and certain path to achieving greater security across your enterprise.

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Industry luminaries agree: Theresa Payton on enterprise security

As CEO of Fortalice Solutions and former CIO at The White House, Theresa Payton knows a thing or two about securing important information. Listen to her speak at Identity Resilience 2020.

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A people-ready user experience

Security that works is security that people don’t work around. We don't just leave great design for the UX team to handle, we ingrain it into our entire system and focus on the end-to-end experience. Our 12 identity Experience (iX) building blocks serve as the foundation for our sales, ops, product, and engineering teams to design user journeys. Together, we make a holistic authentication experience that is not only more secure, but seamless and delightful for the end-user.

About our UX

Trusona's FIDO-based architecture

The FIDO Alliance is an open industry association creating authentication standards to help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords. Trusona’s architecture includes a cloud-based FIDO 2 server and is designed to support use cases for employees and customers alike across multiple authentication modes, including your company-branded mobile app, a mobile web browser, the Trusona authenticator app, or any FIDO-certified authenticator.


“After running a comprehensive array of security tests, including reverse engineering, injections, memory attacks and overflows, we determined that Trusona’s passwordless authentication for Windows 10 is resilient to a wide range of attack vectors. Additionally, the end-user setup is quick, simple and hassle-free, allowing organizations to deploy the solution across the enterprise.”

Chris Roberts

Benefits of Trusona's passwordless identity authentication

An enterprise-ready solution that's so good, you'll wonder why no one had thought of it before.

Reduce costs

Words may be cheap, but passwords aren’t. In addition to the breaches they enable, passwords mean trouble tickets for your IT department and Help Desk calls for static credential resets. It means lost productivity due to account blocks and lost customers due to frustration.

Reduce frustration

You won't miss the username and password. Say G00dby3! to the complex passwords your employees hate and your customers can't remember.

No additional hardware

Work with what works for you. In most cases, no software upgrades or additional hardware are required. Trusona integrates with operating systems, apps and a range of IT tools, so the authentication process always feels like yours.

Enterprise resilience on command

Remove your biggest vulnerability from your most vulnerable users. Still need passwords for your backend systems? No problem. Keep 256 character, auto-rotated passwords for your cyber-savvy privileged users.

One vendor, every enterprise authentication use cases

Reduce costs by consolidating the number of vendors needed to service your identity and authentication needs. We provide a safe, certain path to passwordless enterprise authentication.

Designed for the way people live and work

With Trusona, verifying identity is as stress-free and certain as it is in person. It’s an experience that works for employees and customers, authentication or identity proofing, and is even optimized for the developers putting authentication into practice.

Find your enterprise solution, guide or integration

Passwordless MFA

More secure and easier to use than traditional MFA.

Identity Proofing

Cloud-based identity proofing with U.S. driver's license or employee ID.

Windows 10 desktop MFA

Our passwordless MFA solution for your Windows workforce.

Desktop MFA plus your SSO

A passwordless desktop MFA sign-in plus your existing SSO.

Enterprise Docs and Guides

Explore our documentation site to troubleshoot any of your tech issues.

Enterprise integrations

Trusona integrates with operating systems, apps and a range of IT tools, so the authentication process always feels like yours.

Mitigate the top 8 attack vectors

By removing the passwords, you remove the top eight attack vectors.

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Benefits of implementing Trusona’s passwordless MFA for your enterprise:

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce frustration
  • No additional hardware
  • Enterprise resilience on command
  • One vendor, every enterprise authentication use cases
  • Designed for the way people live and work
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