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As a modern customer relationship management (CRM) company, ZynRg offers businesses a cost-effective, customer-centric solution, incorporating sales, marketing and customer service activities to manage the entire lifecycle of a client. In short, they’re developing systems for organizations to manage their most valuable asset: their customers.

ZynRg knew it was vital to find and implement best practices for internal security with respect to both their data and system processes as well as protecting access to their underlying code and service. To do so, they searched for a passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution to provide advanced protection and improved usability at the employee desktop level — specifically, Windows 10.

“We needed a desktop security solution that removed the vulnerabilities of passwords across the workforce, no matter where our employees are logging in,” said Alexei Toropov, CTO at ZynRg. “It’s important to know our remote workforce is secure and able to do their jobs successfully.”


ZynRg found Trusona offered the most secure way to deliver passwordless MFA for their employees, utilizing patented anti-replay technology to protect against credential replay attacks. By removing reliance on usernames and passwords, they now defend against the top threat vectors, including SIM swapping, keylogging, phishing attacks and more.

Swiftly reducing any risks across ZynRg’s remote workforce, the solution worked seamlessly with their existing infrastructure without requiring any software or hardware upgrades like Windows Hello, cameras or on-premises servers — making it fast, cost-effective and user-friendly to deploy and use. Additionally, the security functions with or without internet connectivity, ensuring consistent usability.

“We love being able to sign in to our computers and devices without the unnecessary friction of typing in static credentials,” said Toropov. “By doing so, productivity has increased and frustration reduced as our employees can no longer lock themselves out due to forgotten passwords. The perpetual maintenance of a strict password policy can now be consigned to history.”



Desktop MFA

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