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  • Increased app adoption and retention

    Take the thing consumers hate most about authentication out of your app and watch happiness and usage grow.

  • Accelerate transformation and customer self-service

    Make doing more with your digital properties easier so your customers feel at home and not hassled by the password police.

  • Reduce customer support costs

    No passwords to forget = no passwords to remember = no passwords for your staff to reset. It's a win-win-win.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    Greater engagement. Lower abandonment. Super happy customers. See what happens when you don't ask consumers to remember 10 random characters, a number and the name of the third Beagle they ever saw.

RESEARCH: In consumer preference, love is a multifactored thing

Who really knows if consumers prefer frictionless MFA? How about consumers? In the first ever masked behavioral passwordless MFA research, we studied whether participants opted for passwordless MFA or traditional authentication. Find out why consumers said bye-bye to the password.

MFA people love

In authentication, you can put a number on love


Of participants opted for Trusona passwordless MFA.


Of logins were successful. You can't forget what you don't have to remember.


Fewer users attempting password resets.


Of people who try Trusona's passwordless MFA after email priming, stick with it.

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Exeter Financial Case Study
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  • Increased app adoption and retention
  • Accelerate transformation and customer self-service
  • Reduce customer support costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
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Dynamic identity authentication

With dynamic identity authentication, we remove the biggest vulnerabilities targeted by the eight most common attack vectors.

Enterprise-wide solution

With an enterprise-wide solution to authenticate your workforce, customers and any enterprise system.

User experience

With a user experience designed for the way people work and live, breaking up with the passwords is easy.

Path to passwordless

With a path to passwordless that’s safe and certain.